Flvmalay Valve

We meet your simple yet crucial requirements with high quality Italian design, concentrated production lots, severe service applications, short lead times and direct customer service.

We sell high quality engineered valves with an Italian design. Our severe service designed valves'' applications include: corrosive fluids, erosive (slurry), high temperature, cryogenic, underground, and any special requirement from our customers.

We follow API 6D, ISO 15848, ISO 10497 standards, and other special requirements.FLV meets your testing requirements in accordance with industry standards and customer specifications with: fugitive emissions, performance and functionality, high pressure gas, high temperature, low temperature, fire safe, NDE Inspections.

Also, we provide total service and support with our valves. This includes our procedures and testing that can be conducted on-site if requested.Servicing the regional market.

Quality products includes: Ball Valve/Gate Valve/Globe Valve/Check Valve/Forging steel valve.